Thursday, 25 May 2017

Mermay 25 - Crustacean

Ok, so this is my cheat day... The prompt was 'Crustacean' and I'm just a little mermaided out after 24 of them so I went for everyone's favourite crustacean - Sebastian from 'The Little Mermaid'. 

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Mermay 20 - Siren

I decided to do a different take when it came to this prompt! It's great to have this list to spark ideas.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Mermay 19 - Lani

Today's prompt was 'Zombie'... but I hate zombies soooo here's Trigger and Lani, an ode to Tom Bancroft who created them and the Mermay challenge.